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    Brent YDN Radio


Brent YDN is part of the Your Digital Network collective of radio stations, a new digital broadcasting service for people with an interest in their local communities. Based in Neasden we broadcast a number of live radio shows that includes local news, specialist music shows, chat and entertainment.

The Your Digital Network service is pivotal to the local development and growth of the Hidden Creative Economy, especially since mainstrem radio pays little attention to tracks that exist outside of the mainstream charts. This is dispite the high interest in creative media that is consistently displayed amongst local communities.

We were aware of the high number of pirate radio stations that were catering mainly to the musical tastes of local communities throughout Brent, many of which have been operating for over 20 years. Brent YDN now blends the talents of the local communities with the issues and concerns we all are facing.

 Brent YDN Radio PRESENTERS and djs

Guavz & CoCo



Katie Power

Diana V

Sienna Gray

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Penny Mappoura is a classically trained pianist with a vocal range that can easily swing from Opera, to Jazz, through to R'n'B through to Pop. At the moment, Penny is making her way in the music business through offering music and vocal lessons, but it can't be too long where she becomes the starlet instead of the teacher. She also adds wedding... more info






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