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DJ Webba

Croydon YDN Radio

I used to love playing records on my Fisher Price record player. It was orange and could play proper records. I used to spend hours and hours and hours playing records on it, ruining my parents vinyl collection until they ended up just giving me all their 7-inches! I've always been into music and started DJ Webba seriously at 14 when I joined a youth sound system. Then ended up DJ Webba for local crew Out Da Ville. I started teaching DJ skills and sound engineering at a local recording studio and managed to blag my way onto a community station. By chance, hooked up with Joe Buhdha and we've been running our company putting on our own events such as the UK Takeover series of events and through those, was invited to pilot 

My biggest influence(s)

Within the music business, it has to be Russell Simmons. He turned a way of life into a viable way of earning money with little compromise. In DJ Webba, any DJ who really knows what they're doing, rocks the crowd and varies the music. In radio,  In life, my parents. They haven't had it easy throughout their lives but they've always been there for me. Something not many people my age can say unfortunately.

Other than the acting work (managing to do something in each acting discipline by the age of 20), and achieving my dream of getting a national radio show I'd say a real key achievement for me has been the UK Takeover events I've done with my SureShot Crew. We've taken it from a small idea to become the heaviest British hip hop event in the country.

On Air:  Sunday   Thursday Friday Saturday 
Time: 12:00:00 - 23:00:00


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The core albums, artists, and songs most often represented in classic rock radio represent a subset of the albums and artists that were actually popular between the mid sixties into the early eighties. On radio, the most enduring classic rock songs and artists have proven to appeal to new generations of listeners as well as older listeners who knew the music when it originally appeared.


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