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Tanya Andrews

Tanya Andrews was a past UK UNSIGNED contestant in 2005, and 10 years later she is making a foray into the music industry once more. Back at the Hackney EMpire is the SInger SOngwriters category she wowed us with her vocal range and song wrting skills that came straight from the heart. "I've decided to give this another go after all of this time as I don't think I did my talent justice back... more details


Sameera is striving to make the crossover from the Asian community to become accepted as a bonefide pop artist in the mainstream market. She describes her music as being a mix of Pop, R'n'B and Bollywood which she believes delivers the best of all the modern musical worlds. Her presence is slowly growing across these communities that she is constantly being booked by promoters covering all the... more details

John Hutson

John Hutson is one of the Bromley's rising singer songwriting talents. He delivers his own creations with a mixture of raw emotion, wit and sensuous subtlety. In performance, he has a distinct folk, yet soulful tone that enables him to saddle a number of genres at any one time. John has been doing the live performance circuit for a few years now and has built up an enviable cult following. He... more details

Penny Mappoura

Penny Mappoura is a classically trained pianist with a vocal range that can easily swing from Opera, to Jazz, through to R'n'B through to Pop. At the moment, Penny is making her way in the music business through offering music and vocal lessons, but it can't be too long where she becomes the starlet instead of the teacher. She also adds wedding singing to her CV, but all this is done with the... more details

Terri-Lee Cranfield

Terri-Lee is one of those powerhouse singers who make you wonder where they get their voices from. Vocally, her greatest influences are Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey & Celine Dion. Currently she is trying her hand at creating her own music productions but at this time she is just as happy doing the classics of others, but always adding her own little twist. Even though Terri-Lee is yet to... more details

Saski Pearl

Saski Pearl is one of Bromley's hottest new talent. She writes & performs all her own tracks, and plays guitar and keyboards.She is currently doing the Open Mic rounds as she seeks to make a name for herself within the current music scene. Her music style is indie pop with a rocky edge. Catch her on the showcase scene as she slowly carves out a place for herself on the live music circuit. more details

Vivian Jones

Born in Trelawny Parish in 1957, Jones relocated to England at the age of ten to join his parents who had emigrated there a few years earlier.[1] They lived in and around London, moving between Willesden, Alperton, and Harrow, with Jones becoming increasingly involved in the local reggae scene, and in the mid-1970s he began performing with... more details




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